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Township Mailing Address
PO Box 68

Sunfield, MI 48890
Your Township Board and Who to Call
Please keep in mind that Sunfield Township officials work to be fiscally responsible to all Township residents, and conduct Township business from their homes.  The Township does not maintain the expense of a business office.  When calling to request information please do so between the business hours of 9AM am till 5PM Monday through Friday.  Thank-you!

Person to Contact To Handle Questions On

Brenda Gibbs
(517) 652-9386

(Email is preferred so answers
can be returned after hours.)
  • Complaints within the Township, roads,
       blight, etc.
  • Assessed values on properties and how
       they are determined
  • How to appeal your property value
  • to file property transfers, principal
       residence or agriculutural exemptions

Terri Dow
(517) 652-9385
(Email is preferred so answers
can be returned after hours.)
  • All cemetery questions or to   purchase
       a plot.
  • FOIA requests.
  • Budget questions.
  • Election questions or absentee ballots.
 Crystal Smith Sunfield Township Treasurer
Crystal Smith
(517) 566-8888
  • Tax questions, how much is due or   
        what was paid.
  • Obtain tax receipts.
  • Drain assessments.
  • Tax collection dates.

Dan Plowman

(517) 566-8972
  • Recycling center questions.

Tim Rumfield
(517) 566-7178
  • Recycling center questions.

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